We love designing and crafting our pieces for our customers. Whether selling directly to the wearer or working with businesses, we enjoy sending our clothes out into the world to be worn and loved for years to come.

We offer wholesale prices for all of our products without a minimum order quantity. We understand that you may need different quantities of different pieces and sizes, and we want to ensure you are able to offer our pieces to your customers at a fair price point.

Why Work With Us

Negotiable Prices
We understand every budget is different, but we want sustainable fashion to be available to everyone. We would love to discuss our prices and options with you.
Minimum orders can make it difficult for small businesses to work with us, which is why we do not require a minimum purchase.
Regular Deliveries
We are happy to create orders on a regular basis on whatever timeline works best for you.
Shipping On Time
We respect your deadlines, which is why we always ship our products on time without delay.