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Nich Linen is a Ukrainian brand born from a passion for sustainability and a culture of eco-friendly fashion. Our values are deeply rooted in not only providing quality garments that stand the test of time but leaving as small of an environmental footprint through our production process as possible. 

When launching our brand it was integral to make our dresses and production as sustainable as possible. We are still constantly looking for ways to reduce our eco-footprint and promote an attitude of investment shopping and rejecting fast fashion. We take a mindful approach to our plastic-free and ethical production process, aligning ourselves with several sustainability values.


Each and every one of our beautiful dresses are handmade with care by some of the most skilled seamstresses in Kiev. 

Up to 4 hours of total work are spent creating each dress to ensure the highest quality and durability for our customers. Our seamstresses are dedicated to their craftsmanship, and as such are paid a complete and fair wage. 


Our entire range of clothing is made with natural and sustainable fabrics. We take great care to source only the highest quality organic materials and fabric for each new design. This includes 100% EAC-certified linen and Tencel, both of which are made using natural plant fibres. 



We take an approach of mindfulness throughout the entire production process of our designs. Our commitment to maintaining animal and human rights will always remain at the forefront, and these initiatives are interwoven into our daily processes. From the very beginning, our aim has been to leave as little damage to our environment as possible while creating timeless fashion. 


Due to the fact our dresses are expertly made with only the best quality materials, they remain timeless. Our clothes are designed to be enjoyed for the duration, with the ability to get years of wear from each dress.


Here at Nich Linen, we realise the devastating impact that plastic packaging can cause to our environment, which is why all of our orders are shipped in paper packing. This helps to limit landfill and plastic waste, as all of our wrapping is recyclable and biodegradable. 

We make sure to only use the packaging necessary to keep your garments safe and dry during transport to avoid wasting resources.